Saturday, May 28, 2011

My latest Read...

I found this book to be so good. It has been the latest of several that have taken me on a ride through the Bible and turned my world upside down...

Excerpt from "Revolution" by George Barna (*my revisions)

I am a Revolutionary in the service of God Almighty.
My life is not my own;
I exist as a free person
but have voluntarily become a slave to God.
My role on earth is to live as a Revolutionary,
committed to love,
holiness, and advancing God's Kingdom.
My life is not about me and my natural desires;
it is all about knowing, loving, and serving God
with all my heart, mind, strength, and soul.
Therefore, I acknowledge the following:

I was a sinner*; broken by my disobedience
BUT have been* restored by Jesus Christ
in order to participate in good works that please God.
I in myself* am not perfect;
but Jesus Christ makes me righteous in God's eyes,
and the Holy Spirit leads me toward a
greater knowledge of who I am IN CHRIST.

God created me for His purposes.
My desire as a Revolutionary is to fulfill those ends,
and those ends alone.
When I get out of bed each day, I do so for one purpose:
to love, obey, and serve God and His people.

Every breath I take is a declaration of war against Satan
and a commitment to opposing him.

God does not need me to fight His fight,
but He invites me to allow
Him to fight through me.
It is my privilege to serve Him in that manner.
I anticipate
and will gladly endure
various hardships as I serve God;
for this is the price of participation
in winning the spiritual war.

I do not need to save the world;
Jesus Christ has already done that.
I cannot transform the world,
but I can allow God to use me to transform some part of it.

My commitment to the Revolution of faith is sealed
by my complete surrender to God's ways and His Will.
will gratefully do what He asks of me simply because
He loves me enough to ask. I gain my security, success,
and significance through my surrender to Him.

I am not called to attend or join a church.
I am called to BE THE CHURCH.

Worship is not an event I attend or a process I observe;
it is the lifestyle I lead.

I do not give away 10 percent of my resources.

God has given me natural abilities and supernatural abilities,
all intended to advance His Kingdom.
I will deploy those abilities for that purpose.

The proof of my status as a Revolutionary
is the love I show to God and people.

There is strength in relationships;
I am bound at a heart and soul level to other Revolutionaries,
and I will bless believers whenever I have the chance.

To achieve victory in the spiritual war in which we are immersed,
there is nothing I must accomplish;
must simply follow Christ with everything I have.

This is no greater calling than to know and serve God.

The world is desperately seeking meaning and purpose.
I will respond to that need with the Good News
and meaningful service.

Absolute moral and spiritual truth exists, is knowable,
and is intended for my life;
it is accessible through the Bible.

I want nothing more than to hear God say to me,
"Well done, My good and faithful servant."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We surrounded him...

3 years ago I witnessed a life pass from time into eternity.
The memory of it has been burned into my soul, my heart, my mind.

Death would soon usher my dad into another state of being.
Having said our goodbyes, we could not leave him alone.
My sisters and I, our husbands and my mom
Surrounded his hospital bed.
His breathing was ragged.
He was still fighting to live more days on the earth.
Helpless, the time had come.
We did what we knew, we surrounded him.
We surrounded him with love.
We surrounded him with our voices, singing.
Songs of praise, of worship, of faith, hope and love.

We were timid at first, emotions overwhelming.
But as we sang, we could not help but turn our eyes
to the One who conquered death.
The noises outside the room faded away...
Our voices grew stronger...
Eventually we knew that we ourselves were "in between",
neither here nor there.
His breathing became easier now, softer.
Perhaps his breathing matched the phrasing of the hymns we sang...
Perhaps his breath was being "caught away"
as his body became unnecessary for truly living...
Perhaps he could not tell the difference between our voices
and the voices of angels who had come to carry him over...

And then... the moment had come and gone...
and still...
We could not help but turn our eyes
to the One who conquered death.
There was no sting, and the victory was not held by death,
but by the author of Life.
Dad passed over into eternity surrounded by love,
Surrounded by the songs of heaven.
I cannot speak for the others...
But I caught a glimpse of something...
something, maybe someOne that took my breath away...
I've never been the same...

In remembrance - May 16th, 2008.
Aristotelis Bolovinos
We love and miss you daddy Y

"If I ascend into heaven, You are there;
If i make my bed in hell, behold You are there,
If I take the wings of the morning,
and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there Your hand shall lead me,
And Your right hand shall hold me...
...Lead me in the way everlasting."
Ps 139:8-10; 24b

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a repost from one of the first blog entries I wrote back in 2008. but I still feel the same way now as I did then so in honour of Mother's Day and mom's everywhere...

Most days I feel that I'm living my best days yet. That everything I've done in my short life before this - was not quite as good as this. This includes all the travelling, the mentoring, teaching, running retreats, volunteering, singing, performing...all of it.

Everyday, I wake up and I am a hero. I am a hero in just making toast with peanut butter. I am a hero in that I can figure out how to find and work the tv remote on demand. I am a hero because I can create FUN out of nothing. The rewards are endless - I get multitudes of kisses all day long, and better still, my kisses have become magical, they now have healing powers over a variety of ailments and emotional hurts. I get to take naps and I get to play in snow banks. I love to cook and I get to do it all day - even though I usually only have one customer who'll eat my meals (Chris) -it's still fun practising for the day that my home is filled with giant teenage boys who are never full (this I'm told from my mentors - mothers with grown sons).

I get to show my boys the world - and they are excited over "big hills", train tracks and the lake. We take frequent trips with our imaginations too. Yesterday, at bedtime, I was Queen of a faraway kingdom with my two handsome prinnces (no mommy, I'm the brave knight - corrected Lucas), and Chris was the big King. I've never had a more captive audience to all my random comments, and they usually come back to me - "oh gosh", "crap!", and "give me a break"...umhmmm

To be sure, I'm faced with daily challenges, but these challenges are not just external, they are 100% internal too - my heart is examined and exposed all the time. My spiritual and psychological research is immediately implemented and therefore my growth is exponentially guaranteed - and there is no hiding - I cannot blame my children for my failures, rather I accept them and lean on the Lord to strengthen me, to bring me to peace again, to be my joy in the midst of adversity and HE IS. I don't know what I did before this that I thought was so important, having kids has brought me right into the middle of LIFE - the simplist things are the most enjoyable things.

Hugs, blankets, baths, coffee, a cookie (or 10), a casual phone call, a walk, singing a song, playing in dirt, a picture book, a flower, love letters, sitting in a sunbeam, a purring cat, babies, smiles, sleeping children, candlelight, "I love you's", and enjoying the four seasons up close and personal. I hope I never grow up and lose sight of how grand my life is.

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