Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News on the Arrival

The Delivery Story

After my due date came and went (November 21st) I think I became resigned to having the baby on the date I was scheduled for induction (the 28th). After several days of discomfort but remaining at 1 ½ -2 cms dilated with no steady contractions – we went in to the hospital at 6 am on the 28th. They were behind though, because of several emergency deliveries so we had to wait a few hours. Pastor RoxAnne joined us soon after arriving and helped keep things light. We prayed together believing that the delivery would take place before 4 pm as Dr. Chan had to leave early that day due to a family commitment.

At 9 am, Dr. Chan came in a checked, I was 3 cm (no contractions) so they started the oxytocin drip and broke my water. I had an awesome nurse named Weena who stayed with us a good chunk of the time. I tried to go without the epidural for as long as I could, but the induced contractions were pretty brutal by noon (almost on top of each other – and I was 6 cm). So I requested the epi – but they were behind too, so the technician didn’t arrive until about 1:30 – after what felt like a dozen attempts thanks to my crazy back) and much prayer on mine and RoxAnne’s part (Chris had to leave – gets squeamish), they finally got it in. It was 2 pm. About10 minutes later – the nurse said the baby’s heart rate was dropping a tiny bit, Dr. Chan came in and said I was 9 cm and that the head was in the canal, and that we were going to make it happen – RoxAnne and I were praying for Chris to get back – which he did just as Dr. Chan told me to push and started pulling at the baby (I was hardly mentally prepared for pushing as I was used to these 18 hour deliveries) but together Pastor RoxAnne, the nurse and the Doctor got me to focus. Then the doctor said he needed to use the vacuum, which I don’t really remember this – but the next thing I knew they were telling Chris to sit down on the floor by my bed, I guess it looked pretty bad, but overall it was very fast and I was glad to have it over, because with it, and one BIG push, Carter was out and the relief was absolutely amazing!

He was a whopping 9 lbs 12oz and he arrived at 2:44pm well before the time the doctor needed to be away! Praise God. Anyhow, I was so glad we had Dr. Chan as everything was a lot better in the after period of time. The nurse stopped the epidural right away and I got to feed Carter almost immediately (I didn’t really get to do this with either Lucas or Max) – I actually got to sit up almost right away and they took out the IV soon after that. I was hardly swollen like I had been with the others and I could barely tell I had stitches (Praise God!). Anyways, we had a few visitors; Chris’ mom brought Lucas and Max, who loved the Care Bears that the baby had gotten them and my sister Andrea. Chris Jonker stopped in and Adam and Alex Cormier. God is so good! To top it off, I had been told that the private rooms were all taken and that I’d be in a ward would also be full – 3 other moms and babies – but just as the nurse was moving me – another nurse came in and said that a private room had opened up and I could have it! We actually left the hospital by dinner time the next day since both Carter and I were doing so well…

And now we’re home and still doing well. Carter gained all his birth weight back within 6 days, and the doctor at his one week appt said he was “perfect” and I agree.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still Waiting

When you are a bit of a control freak such as myself, the most aggrevating part of pregancy is the "not knowing", the lack of any influence on the arrival of your child. This is the case with me. I've now moved on to things that were on my "to do list" for after the baby was born simply to keep my hands and mind occupied, otherwise I'd go crazy - and I'd drive my husband and two toddlers crazy too...

But there is some comfort in knowing that he will indeed arrive, all this waiting is not for nothing - that eventually, it will happen. And for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful to have such wonderful, patient and accomodating friends - Sheri, Alex, Jodi, everyone - thanks for listening to me whine, for helping keep me busy, for taking my boys during the neverending onslaught of doctor's appointments. I'm also grateful for my family, for the calls, and the understanding and the lovin'. It's seasons like this where we appreciate the "village" that is helping us raise our families.

Here's some pics courtesy of Jodi - photographer extrodinaire - so you have something interesting to look at since there's no baby to photograph yet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So...basically everything that I can do, is done. I mean there's little things here and there to do aroudn the house and for the boys and such, but all the prep for the baby and all the odd jobs around the house and decorating for Christmas is done, if I try to do anything else at this point it'll be borderline obsessive... the house is super clean, and I'm now considering putting both boys in the double stroller (which combined weight would be around 80 lbs) - and taking them for long walks, just to get labour started, I'm doubting it would help because when I was pregnant with Max, I shovelled snow about 5 or 6 times, and just ended up hurting myself, and I still went a week late with him... It's important to me to go early as Chris' mom is watching the boys, and she has a subpoena to be a witness in court on the 19th for who knows how long...

But then...I know that the Lord always works everything out perfectly, so who am I to question His timing? He knows better than me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm one of the last of the group of Pregnant ladies from my circle, due in the fall and my life is all about the anticipation of this baby's arrival. His room is ready, my hospital bag is packed and everything is ready - except my's not co-operating. So, despite many contractions and lot's of pressure, NOTHING. But that's ok, it's given me more time to prepare for the other things to anticipate this time of year - CHRISTMAS. At least that has a specific date that can't be moved or changed.

I love Christmas, I think I'm a borderline fanatic. I've been trying to convince Chris that we need yet another tree, now that we have the basement and will be using it during the holidays for entertaining and such - it's only appropriate - plus, this way we can get a TALLER tree for the living room upstairs with it's vaulted ceilings. I love the whole lot of it, the decorating, the food, the get togethers, the weather - all of it. Mostly though - I love that the whole western world is confronted with Jesus, everyday for over a month. Even if it's indirectly. To me, it's just a wonderful celebration of life, joy, hope and peace. Jesus came as the Prince of Peace with tidings of comfort and joy. In being a planner, I get to enjoy the "Comfort & Joy" simply because I don't get caught up in the rush and hustle - I've been planning and preparing (especially this time around) for months. I'm basically done shopping, including the wrapping supplies, some host gifts and stocking stuffers (got to leave something for the week before...), I've planned and prepared for the get togethers, the family nights, the menus, the baking, the kids activities, etc. Even now, I'm plotting out what goes where in the house, the decorating will begin this Saturday - early due to the baby's expected arrival. Since this is all done, and it only required a little bit of thinking and planning (writing it down) over the past few months, now I can just enjoy the whole process, because the stress has been removed from it. I know what I want, what's best for my family - and don't have to surrender to the pressure from magazines, tv, others.... We can do all the little things that make the holidays special...

You know, carolling, visiting a shut in, watching A Christmas Carol, driving to see the lights, etc.

My favourite thing: everyday during the holidays I make a cup of tea and turn off all the other lights and sit by the tree, just to reflect on anything that the Lord brings to mind. Even if it's only for 10 minutes, it's the best.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Evertything Autumnal

I didn't post this one when I wanted to, but my favourite season is the fall, the last mad burst of colours everywhere, the crisp air, the football games, the trips to farms, the yard work, the yummy comfort foods, the sweaters, slippers and blankets, the early nights and the wind and rain. It's just perfect. Every year we find something new to do to experience the season as fully as possible. When we first married, Chris and I would travel to the Allegheny Mountains in the States - the colours are fabulous. We've spent a weekend in a log cabin, we've visited pumpkin farms, apple cider mills, gone on hayrides, had ample fires in the back yard. Chris has his annual tailgating parties at Buffalo Bills games. We've hosted harvest parties and gone on leaf hunts with the boys... as they get older we're looking forward to reliving many of these memories over and over.

I mean we try to do special things in each season, but it seems like the fall is something we just so fully enjoy - neither Chris nor I are hot weather people, so the fall is perfect, followed by winter (but more on that at a later time). I love making soups and baking, I love my crock pot and roasts, stews and chile - and of course fresh bread. So as it seems to be quickly drawing to a close (sigh) - due to the unseasonably long summer... cheers to everything autumnal!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It rained all day today, and I loved it!

Everyday I find I have the option to embrace the negative things that try to hinder my happiness, slow traffic, being late, dirty diapers on the way out the door, unexpected expenses...the list goes on and on. Or, I can continue to look through the malestrom and find the abundance that is waiting to rain down on me. In every setback, I've always had everything work out in the long run. I don't know why I get caught up in fretting over things not going easily or perfectly according to plan, because usually, they work out to be even better than my plan!

Earlier today, while folding laundry, I was thinking how grateful I am to have a family to fold laundry for. That I have small boys who need me, and that I've been blessed with a family to nurture and abide with. It just makes it so much easier to do the things that we do day after day after day, when our hearts are full. Now if only I could apply this principle to cleaning the bathroom!

As eager as I am to have this baby, I'm more eager to have everything come together at the house first. So that we can embrace his arrival as an event on it's own and really just fully revel in the wonder of it. And then after that, to fully enjoy the advent of the holiday season as a family without any other distractions. To really enjoy the celebration of the Prince of Peace, by having a season of peace at home. mmm. I love rainy days.

Monday, October 22, 2007


So I watched Oprah today, rare in my world of fighting not to watch cartoons with my toddler all day long. Anyways, she had guests on who were dying - as in they had a date that the doctor's had given them. The really the ironic part of it was that they were actually living. Living better quality lives, than before they had a prognosis of death. They seemed to come to terms with the frailty of life, that though we hope and believe that we'll have a long life, in the end, we should not worry about tomorrow, but just live in TODAY.

Last spring when my father in law passed away unexpectedly, I was forced to really contemplate the things that matter in life. I've always wondered how one feels when they close the eyes of one that has passed away, never thinking that that would be me. I remember fighting within myself - "that can't be it! There has to be more." But there wasn't. Ever since then, I've had these "run-ins" with circumstantial things - signs, comments, memories, the life growing within me... that cause my heart and mind to meditate on them more and more.

I want to live, I mean really LIVE every moment of my life, not in some quasi-reality that just speeds by, but in the reality of meaning. That in the end, my life will have counted for something, that I leave a lasting, positive imprint on everyone that has passed through it, especially my children, my extended family and those that spend more than a moment with me.

I want and choose to live deeply, powerfully, transparently and without caring about how I'm perceived. I want to live true to my heart, true to my faith and true to Truth. Not in denial, not in regret, not in offense, not in judgement, not in fear, but in truth. In light, in peace, in joy, in passion and in grace. In a word, in Christ. I choose today to continue walking the path of light that is illuminate before me, regardless of everything else that would try to sway me, I choose to embrace all that is on that path with a full, open heart, and know, that in doing, I'll truly LIVE.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Life at the Heaslip house has been pretty crazy the past week. My beloved son Lucas "flushed away" - since the movie, he's been obsessed - a toy down the upstairs toilet, which flooded the house and caused upwards of $10,000 damages, that's right, all from one toy. So we've had crews in all week tearing out baseboards, ceilings, etc. and now we're surrounded by giant industrial fans that sound a bit like jet engines - betweene 4 and 5 of them on each floor. To boot. This is somewhat frustrating because being pregnant in my last trimester, I'm pretty obsessed with getting things around the house ready for baby, and winter, and Christmas, etc. etc. Nevertheless, good has come from this, the basement (rec room) which has been a project that I never had the energy to tackle since dad passed away in the spring (he lived down there) - has started, the workers had to remove a bunch of furniture (that we didn't want anyways) - pack up all his things in the living room (saves me doing it), replace lights (which needed replacing), etc. etc. So it's been good overall, just not enjoyable having the whole house upside down.

We finally got our van on Monday, and I finally got to drive it Wednesday, after we brought it home Monday, the radiator had a problem so in it went to get fixed, but hurray, it's here now, and I can't be happier. I went to IKEA yesterday just to celebrate.

Some of the finished projects in the house are that the baby's room is pretty much done, except for putting the dresser (from IKEA) together, and the curtains, which my blessed mother in law will do for me on her next visit in a couple weeks. The boys room is done too - and I've officially gone through all the summer clothes and switched them around. I'm about 50% done with Christmas shopping, and most of what I need for the boys to have a fun Fall is together too, so I keep reminding myself to relax, it'll all come together, right on time. A peaceful heart is a gift. A peaceful mind is a choice.

So, I should move along today and get the boys going, what to do on a rainy day in a windy house...

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