Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fully Enjoying the Season - Day Two

Week One: Preparing Our Homes for the Season

Day 2 Set some dates for fall get-togethers

I tend to listen to women who are older than me, who've been married longer than me and who've successfully raised children. My radar always goes up when they offer simple tips. One of those tips I heard years ago was "you are more motivated to get more things done when you know people are coming over". So set some dates and get yourself going.

That's obviously not the only reason I set dates, but it's sure a great little side benefit.

The main reason we need to set dates is so that we can actually ENJOY the best of the season with the people that make our life great. Fall is already full of festive reasons to get together like the Harvest, Homecoming, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

There's also little reasons like going back to school, the changing of the colours, football so why not maximize it?

The changing season usually drives us in two directions.

It drives us outdoors. We want to savour the last daring rays of summer sunshine. Better yet, Indian summer. We grab sweaters and hit the trails, the parks, the fields and farms. We trek out to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. We go on hayrides, dance at hoedowns and campfires beckon. Thanks to the changing weather (colder, wetter, shorter, darker) we are also driven indoors and in that we light fires in hearths, make soups and stews, pull out books and board games and snuggle under blankets.

No matter which way the season drives us, it drives us together. I encourage you. Don't fight it. Embrace and welcome it. Plan and Prepare for it and ultimately ENJOY it.

How? you may ask. That's what these 31 Days are all about my friend.

So, pull out that sorta empty daytimer/calendar and pick a couple days to invite people over. If this is not usual for you, keep it casual, and don't overschedule. Also, say yes to some of the invites you receive. Life is meant to be lived in community, the only way you can do that is by getting out there, and welcoming it in.

A few easy ideas for get togethers...

1. Fall Fondue Night.

For just the girls, or couples, or even with kids. Fondue is always FUN. In fact, it's FUNDUE (teehee)

2. Fall Hike and Pot Luck Feast.

My friend Jodi hosts one of these kind of annually, and it's always awesome.

3. Games Night. Have fun snacks and drinks and lots of board games or cards. Impromptu or planned will work for this.

4. Host a pick up football game.

Your pick on touch or tackle.

5. Tapas night. Appetizers and Visiting. You can tag it on to another event like going to the theater if you like.

Personally, we've been at this a long time. We host an annual shabang we call the Heaslip Harvest Hoorah. We group families into teams and do the old fashioned bobbing for apples; stuffn scarecrows; pumpkin carving contests and more. It's a hoot.

We also do not hesitate to say yes to invites. We've already gone apple picking and this year was my first time to a Preserve Pass Along... It was awesome! A must repeat for next year. It's kind of like a cookie exchange for what you "can" - relish, jellies, salsas, applesauce - yum!

Because we've started home schooling, we have the privilege of getting the most out of our days. I've loaded our calendar with outings so we can get out and enjoy the season and each other. But you don't have to load your calendar. Just do one small thing. It doesn't really matter what you plan. Commit yourself to enjoying the season and setting aside the time for it, you'll not regret it. I promise.



Shannon Jacobyansky said...

I really love the name of your blog! This is really a wonderful article you wrote! I agree with you 100% that when you invite people over your house get cleaned...really well...LOL!!! I am hosting a fall party this Sunday for some families and I like the idea of grouping families together for pumpkin carving contest and stuffing a scarecrow! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog at Grapevine Wreath!

Shannon Jacobyansky said...
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Tammara said...

Thanks Shannon! Have fun at your party :)

Our Fine House said...

Such great ideas. I'm a fellow 31 day Blogger, doing a series about Autumn Inspiration. I can't wait to see all of your other great ideas!

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