Friday, March 4, 2011

3 in 30 March Week One

We're only 4 days in, but I'm so energized. There's something to be said for making decisions. A certain freedom follows. I feel liberated alright. I also am happy with the progress I've already made:

a) Something that needs to be done daily (Stop, Start or Continue)

Stick to one time a day of logging on.

I have stuck with logging on once a day (this does not include the emails that come directly to my Blackberry, but I've been pretty good about keeping those quick (especially since they usually pertain to scheduling).

b) One time practical project that needs to be knocked off the 2011 list.

Organizing the Office, primarily the Library

I have NOT started this yet - frankly, it scares me. It really does. However, I will get it done because, well because.

c) Personal Creative Project

Compile file on Homeschooling Research; Continue Writing (Try Book chapter idea)

I went on a mini-vacation (the first since becoming a mom) and while my soul was being restored, my heart encouraged and my mind challenged, I got a HUGE start on the homeschooling research thanks to a very VERY good friend. I also have started a bit of the writing projects too, but have been doing a WHOLE lot of reading lately (and that's also part of the process)

I love this 3 in 30 group, it just helps keep things in perspective and keeps me grateful.


The Gandys!!!! said...

I love the a, b, c parts of your goal~ that way you aren't focusing only on 1 place of your life! That is a great idea!

The office is such a scary place isnt it? Ours is the office, homeschool, craft, library area and it is always getting to be a mess! It doesn't help that there is dark blue carpet that is always showing EVERYTHING! Have a great weekend!

Aurie said...

Those are great goals! I really like how you broke them up - can't wait to hear about your progress!

Miko's Girl said...

Like you, I need to commit to logging on once a day - I think I have an addiction....I've also put cleaning my home office a priority (however, I've resorted to putting my to be filed file in a 30" tall basket). Keep up the good work :)

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