Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So...basically everything that I can do, is done. I mean there's little things here and there to do aroudn the house and for the boys and such, but all the prep for the baby and all the odd jobs around the house and decorating for Christmas is done, if I try to do anything else at this point it'll be borderline obsessive... the house is super clean, and I'm now considering putting both boys in the double stroller (which combined weight would be around 80 lbs) - and taking them for long walks, just to get labour started, I'm doubting it would help because when I was pregnant with Max, I shovelled snow about 5 or 6 times, and just ended up hurting myself, and I still went a week late with him... It's important to me to go early as Chris' mom is watching the boys, and she has a subpoena to be a witness in court on the 19th for who knows how long...

But then...I know that the Lord always works everything out perfectly, so who am I to question His timing? He knows better than me.

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