Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News on the Arrival

The Delivery Story

After my due date came and went (November 21st) I think I became resigned to having the baby on the date I was scheduled for induction (the 28th). After several days of discomfort but remaining at 1 ½ -2 cms dilated with no steady contractions – we went in to the hospital at 6 am on the 28th. They were behind though, because of several emergency deliveries so we had to wait a few hours. Pastor RoxAnne joined us soon after arriving and helped keep things light. We prayed together believing that the delivery would take place before 4 pm as Dr. Chan had to leave early that day due to a family commitment.

At 9 am, Dr. Chan came in a checked, I was 3 cm (no contractions) so they started the oxytocin drip and broke my water. I had an awesome nurse named Weena who stayed with us a good chunk of the time. I tried to go without the epidural for as long as I could, but the induced contractions were pretty brutal by noon (almost on top of each other – and I was 6 cm). So I requested the epi – but they were behind too, so the technician didn’t arrive until about 1:30 – after what felt like a dozen attempts thanks to my crazy back) and much prayer on mine and RoxAnne’s part (Chris had to leave – gets squeamish), they finally got it in. It was 2 pm. About10 minutes later – the nurse said the baby’s heart rate was dropping a tiny bit, Dr. Chan came in and said I was 9 cm and that the head was in the canal, and that we were going to make it happen – RoxAnne and I were praying for Chris to get back – which he did just as Dr. Chan told me to push and started pulling at the baby (I was hardly mentally prepared for pushing as I was used to these 18 hour deliveries) but together Pastor RoxAnne, the nurse and the Doctor got me to focus. Then the doctor said he needed to use the vacuum, which I don’t really remember this – but the next thing I knew they were telling Chris to sit down on the floor by my bed, I guess it looked pretty bad, but overall it was very fast and I was glad to have it over, because with it, and one BIG push, Carter was out and the relief was absolutely amazing!

He was a whopping 9 lbs 12oz and he arrived at 2:44pm well before the time the doctor needed to be away! Praise God. Anyhow, I was so glad we had Dr. Chan as everything was a lot better in the after period of time. The nurse stopped the epidural right away and I got to feed Carter almost immediately (I didn’t really get to do this with either Lucas or Max) – I actually got to sit up almost right away and they took out the IV soon after that. I was hardly swollen like I had been with the others and I could barely tell I had stitches (Praise God!). Anyways, we had a few visitors; Chris’ mom brought Lucas and Max, who loved the Care Bears that the baby had gotten them and my sister Andrea. Chris Jonker stopped in and Adam and Alex Cormier. God is so good! To top it off, I had been told that the private rooms were all taken and that I’d be in a ward would also be full – 3 other moms and babies – but just as the nurse was moving me – another nurse came in and said that a private room had opened up and I could have it! We actually left the hospital by dinner time the next day since both Carter and I were doing so well…

And now we’re home and still doing well. Carter gained all his birth weight back within 6 days, and the doctor at his one week appt said he was “perfect” and I agree.

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