Thursday, February 25, 2010

Once a dreamer

I have a friend who whenever I get together with her, for some reason I always am inspired. She has a way of asking questions that lead to these huge, exciting discussions about my dreams (and hers). Whenever I'm around her, I start thinking about them and writing them down and turning the concepts over and over...

It really is like a boost of energy and a flash of light to my "same old same old" schedule.

This friend and I had a coffee yesterday and of course, the conversation wound around to this same subject, but in the midst of it, I had an accompanying moment of CLARITY. So illuminating and exhilerating, I have no way way explain it, but I just felt like "it's getting closer". My heart is repeating over and over:

It's getting closer.

It's going to become a reality.

Get ready.

It's going to be more work than you've ever imagined.

You are going to have more energy than you thought possible.

You're going to leave all that you've known and been comfortable in

You're going to dive into the great unknown, and conquer it.

You're going to see in the earth, what you've glimpsed in your heart.

Bring it into focus, see it, be consumed by it...

These have been whispers in my heart for years, then once in awhile more audible, but now, it's like someone is shouting on the inside of me.

I'm exhilerated, I'm terrified, I can hardly wait.

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Julie said...

I know I'm not alone here when I say : I CAN'T WAIT!
Whatever you put your hand to gleams with gracefilled goldneness!

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