Saturday, March 12, 2011

3 in 30 - March Week 2 - Check Up

3 in 30 - 2nd Friday of each month: “Check-Up”
How did this week go for you?

My week went pretty good. I'm actually quite happy with the small amounts of progress in my goals. We have had a run of HUGE steps in our lives taking place all in the past month - aka, decisions re. my work, selling a business, and more - all as part of the overall goal of SIMPLIFYING LIFE in 2011. So far, God has been working miracles to bring this about and quite frankly I'm awed and humbled by His amazing GRACE.

My March Goals Status:

a) Something that needs to be done daily (Stop, Start or Continue)

Stick to one time a day of logging on.

I have continued to stick with this and it's been great! I have "cheated a couple times, only because I was awaiting important information via Facebook, and it feels like I've been on more because a lot of my homeschooling research is being done online.

b) One time practical project that needs to be knocked off the 2011 list.

Organizing the Office, primarily the Library

I am starting this TODAY because next week is Spring Break and we have house guests part of the week and I am loathe to the possibility of someone seeing the mess of a state it's in.

c) Personal Creative Project

Compile file on Homeschooling Research; Continue Writing (Try Book chapter idea)

I have become very optimistic about the Homeschooling option thanks to referrals by aforementioned friend Lauren and also Tracey and Estelle - who helped provide me with more vital information and encouragement. I also have started the preliminary steps of writing down all the randomness that's been floating around in my head. Yay.

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Michelle said...

Way to go. You're doing great on your goals.

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