Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankfulness List 2010

1. The adventure of marriage and sharing it with the most amazing man and my best friend.
2. Hearing Carter sing, Max giggle and Lucas think out loud.
3. The road less traveled.
4. Being a mom.
5. Blogging
6. Becky
7. My kitchen, the big counter, the deep sink, the light, the woods and the high ceiling - and that i love to cook in it and have my loved ones around me.
8. Friends with good taste and who will tell me the truth no matter how painful.
9. Our annual crazy moms camping trip.
10. Catching up with old friends; digging deeper with newer ones.
11. Kidmo
12. Finding a good book that takes me longer than 2 days to read.
13. I have 4 great brothers (in law); I'm grateful to share life with them and my sisters.
14. I'm thankful for my kids teachers; that they are passionate to see my kids learn.
15. I'm so thankful that Julie kept her daycare open one more year, and that Carter loves going there.
16. I'm grateful every time I cross the border back into Canada with over $100 in whatever and I don't get dinged for duty.
17. Wednesday afternoons with Andrea and dinners with Vanessa.
18. Pumpkin spice tea; and Bengal spice tea.
19. hanging out with Monica and her kids makes me very happy; it stirs up peacefulness in my heart.
20. I'm grateful for open spaces that are still cozy.
21. I'm grateful for friends that make me laugh and cry at the same time (Jodi).
I'm grateful that I got to laugh until my stomach hurt in 2010. (Vanessa)
22. I'm grateful that my prayers are heard.
23. I'm grateful that I never threw out my fat jeans.
24. I love my job.
25. Blank pages and fresh starts.
26. My ipod; and my "get happy" and "calm down" mixes.
27. All of the seasons; and experiencing them in Niagara.
28. Chris' 98 year old Aunt Fern; and that she's still full of spunk.
29. Memories of my dad; and Chris' dad and seeing flashes of them (my dads) in my kids.
30. Weekends away with Chris. (actually I'm grateful for weekends away period)
31. New beginnings Chiropractic.
32. That it's getting easier and easier to write this list every year as I grow in gratitude :)
33. I'm also so grateful for the oppourtunity I had to go to Quebec this summer; to have my heart bruised for the young people of that beautful province and to spend time at VBC.
34. i'm grateful for super tenatnts - they are so few and far between and we've been blessed with Steve :)
35. I'm also grateful for super duper babysitters
*that Early years opend up for two afternoons
**people who love me in spite of me :)
***and i love all of my friends and that my garden is so full of beatiful people in every season

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