Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am thankful that I have a bed to sleep in, warm clothes on me, and that I had food today. I remind myself that three quarters of the world's population didn't have those today or even for the past week.

I'm thankful that my children are healthy and whole, and that I got to spend time with them today.

I'm thankful that I met Jesus for real and that He is daily working in me to produce... love.

I'm thankful that every single emotional need that I think i have, has been met in Christ Jesus and that He helps me in my darkest hour. That He even helps me to sleep, and to let things go.

....sigh...Why does my heart keep getting battered and bruised within me this year? I never knew these deep yucky feelings, fears and ways of thinking were inside my heart, and it's just so uncomfortable to have the Holy Spirit hold up a mirror to them. I mean He loves me enough to not leave me in that place, but ugh! I just don't know tonight, it's almost too much. I can hardly breathe, I cannot think straight and my feelings....well I just can't trust them.

Cut, cut, cut - God, You are the vinedresser, I am a branch - I can only flourish in the vine. So prune me, tie me back, have Your way - I trust that you have my best interests in mind, and that as I abide in You, i will get better, i will bear good fruit, and You will be blessed. Less of me, more of You.


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