Friday, September 20, 2013


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  She is turning one next week. 
My heart feels a little bruised, a little softer for wearing. Times flies...

All those moments that make up the first year, almost gone.
I've done my best to enjoy those moments, trying to savour them. 
The sweet smiles, the firsts, the chub, the giggles.
The brothers taking it all in with me.

My baby girl, is toddling into girlhood and I hope I'm ready.
I hope I'm soft enough for her.
To help her through this next chapter with grace.
I hope I continue to see what it's like to be surrounded by boys,

that I never become blind to her heart.
I hope that I can get down on her level in these years, as much as I have this past year.
Bending over to see what she's looking at, to show her something new, to keep her safe.
Bending down to pick her up, to play peak a boo, to help her take those first faltering steps.

I hope I remember to keep slowing down as I have this past year.
To feed her, to change her, to snuggle and comfort her.
To watch her sleep.

Lord, keep my heart soft and my eyes wide open.
So I won't get caught up in the daily grind, as to miss the joy.
I hope that she continues to be the reminder to me to slow down, 
To enjoy every moment, 
to be softer, 
to smile more, 
to speak less and listen more.

Not just with her, but with the boys and my love and my friends too. 

She is my baby girl, and she is almost one.


Unknown said...

My sons just turned 12 and 15 this summer. It feels like I blinked and they went from those chubby toddlers to almost men. Loved this - keep slowing down because it does go by so very quickly!

Unknown said...

Love this my babies aren't babies anymore:( enjoy it all even those teenage years!

Bethany Grace Martin said...

I love your references to becoming softer! My baby girl is almost 3 1/2 and my son is almost one. I always need reminders to keep seeking a tender heart. Thank you!

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