Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I've Read in January... and a new adventure

Maintaining momentum when it comes to reading so far...

Amazonia - James Rollins
The Beloved Disciple - Beth Moore
Henry the VIII's Last Wife - Carolly Erickson
Separation of Power - Vince Flynn
How to Get Kids to Help at Home - Elva Anson
Winter - Mary Engelbright
The Four Hour Body - Timothy Ferriss

Coming up next in no particular order:

The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill
*For the Children's Sake - Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
A Constant Princess - Phillipa Gregory
*The Four Loves - CS Lewis
*Boys Adrift - Leonard Sax
*Rainbow Valley- LM Montgomery

*second or more reading

I figured here would be a good place to announce publicly (mostly to myself to keep me accountable) that I've decided to bring 2 major back burner projects up to FRONT burner status - effectively immediately.

ITEM ONE -Photobook Redo

The great "Computer virus of 2011" that caused the loss of a great deal of photos (about 3 years worth) which were stored on my computer and some photo books that took HOURS to compile (I watched my husband back them all up onto our external hard-drive before blowing the computer away...which later were irretrievable!!! It still pains me to think about... hence why I've avoided dealing with it for over 6 months.

Anyways, last week i got to work and...we've managed to salvage more than we originally thought!


1. Costco PhotoCenter is awesome was willing to import all the photos I had uploaded to their site
(Yay, it was ALOT of them) to a CD - I can have them in digital form again!

2. My bestest friend and photographer extraordinaire Jodi had given many of them to me via CD which I also found...

3. Facebook/Costco has a new feature, where you can save, upload print photos from the site! yay - has helped to fill in the gaps in some places where i lost photos but other friends took some - Happy Dance commence!
and FINALLY...

4. Creative Memories restored all my downloads and programs (thanks Val Esau for the advice). As well, they had my photobooks up to 2009 on file!!! yay - so I only lost one book (2010) which I managed to find all the pics for and can redo. The major holes I have are from January through July 2011 and I'm believing even that will turn out OK.

Soooo, that's it, I'm redoing 2010 and then doing a version of 2011 too, as well, I may start 2012, since 2011's may be a lot less labour intensive.


It's time, I'm going to pull together all the notes I've jotted down through the years and as my second born would say... get er done. I haven't determined if I shall utilize my blog in this process or not, so stay tuned, but either way - this idea that has had 5 long years to germinate is about to be cultivated. Hint, it's about a different kind of garden...

Wish me luck :)

with love,



Estelle said...

Can't wait to read your book! :)

Christina Durksen said...

You'll love The Book of Negroes - it was extremely moving, very thought-provoking and beautifully-written. I was amazed at how a man could write from a woman's point of view and do it so well.

Heather said...

I'm with Christina, you'll love The Book of Negroes. Also have read The Constant Princess and it's terrific too - love anything by Phillipa George.
Good luck with the book. I'm toying with a e-cookbook idea right now.

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