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100 Things About Me (you may or may not have wanted to know) Part 3


This entry is part of an ongoing project to keep me writing. If you would like to read part ONE click here. To read part TWO click here.

22. Home-making

This is a subject that is close to my heart. I wholeheartedly believe that one of the most important things I am to do in life as a woman, wife and mom, is to make my house a home. To give myself completely to giving my family a home that provides rest, comfort, inspiration, safety and the ability to flourish and thrive. It’s not just about the d├ęcor (though it is essential that how my house looks and feels is a reflection of those who occupy it). It is more than just home-cooked meals (though another important component) – it is about HOW we live in our home. It is about WHO we are as a family. It is meant to be a HOLY place where hearts can be a rest.

23. Parenting

The day I became a mom was the best day of my life following the day I met Christ. It is closely followed by the day I became a wife. I don’t know how to explain it other than a sense of purpose settled in on my heart and I was forever irrevocably changed. I remember holding my baby boy for the first time and staring into his huge newborn eyes and feeling like, whoa – I am entering into a who new world, but at least we’re going it together!

24. School vs Home school

This subject scares me. Only because of the dedication I know it would require from me – and I’m somewhat selfish, especially with my time. I believe in homeschooling, only because I have little faith in the public system. No one cares about my children as much as I do. No one should. Honestly, I see parenthood as a privilege to pour into them not just my knowledge and love but my values and other fundamental learning skills. Skills like curiosity, creativity, dedication, communication, follow-through, problem solving, prioritizing, budgeting, investing, etc. Things that I just can’t expect from any school, even a good one – because they are my values – how I look at using these skills in life, not necessarily values held by a majority. That’s why I think homeschooling is the best option – because with proper curriculum I can ensure that these skills are passed on. Though at the present, I don’t home school, and I LOVE the school my kids are in, homeschooling is something that is always a consideration, and always an option. Even if it’s not right “right now” for us.

25. Daddy

I was not ready for goodbye... (I’m not ready to tackle this one yet – stay tuned...)

26. Music) Theater

This is another great passion of mine. As a side note I should mention that I love theater alone too though I prefer music theater above and beyond it. I love watching musical theater – live and recorded; both professional and non-professional shows. Some of my favorites I’ve seen live are Les Miserables; The Phantom of the Opera; The Lion King, The Sound of Music (stage version); South Pacific; My Fair Lady; & Annie. I’ve been involved onstage (Grease; Bye Bye Birdie; Little Shop of Horrors; My Fair Lady; Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) I’ve also been backstage (the Wizard of Oz; Lovers in Midsummer; A Christmas Carol and countless religious plays/ musicals) I’ve been in the Box Office and been an usher and have even tried my hand at writing, directing and producing. I’ve loved every aspect that I’ve been involved in – loved it… I am fortunate to live where I do an hour from both Toronto and Buffalo – home to large theater districts and down the road from the Shaw Festival in NOTL. Every year I peruse the handbill of the upcoming shows to decide which ones to scrimp and save for. The past 2 years, on Tuesday nights I am like a kid at Christmas watching the television version of Music Theater - Glee. It makes me happy, sincerely happy.

27. NYC

New York City is on my Top 10 list of places to visit. The history of the city is fascinating, the glamour of Manhattan, the mix of cultures, Broadway, shopping, Christmas Time, Central Park, the bustle and opportunities to people watch… I can’t wait til I can go visit.

28. School of Music

One of the best times of my life was the 2 years I was a student at SoMM and they were only surpassed by the 5 years I was on staff. I loved the constant creativity, the challenges of having so many people with so many different gifts and passions and working together to find a way to glorify God with our gifts. I loved our teachers, I loved being a mentor. I still love my students. I loved my fellow staff members and the deans. I loved travelling with our gifts and sharing them for God. I loved walking the journey on an intimate level with friends that have become lifetime friends. I loved learning so much on so many levels – it was definitely not just classroom learning but life learning as the challenges and opportunities to grow came at us on every front – personally, spiritually, artistically, educationally, relationally and professionally. Kind of like how our life in Christ is really supposed to be. It was a beautiful time in my life…

29. Gardening

I discovered my love of the Garden in our first year of marriage. I mean I helped my dad a bit growing up and learned a lot, but I didn’t love it. It was work, and it was a chance to hang with dad. After we purchased our first home I came to LOVE it. The yard was a blank slate – since hubby works for a tree nursery – we had the opportunity to plant whatever we wanted for next to nothing. We spend hours drawing up plans, reading materials about what to plant, when and where…I can say this. No amount of planning compares to what you learn by just digging in and get going. We made a lot of mistakes and had to rip out a lot of what we first planted. At our next home, we built upon another man’s foundation of a beautiful garden and pond/ waterfall – learned a lot there. At our current home, we’ve had to basically rip out almost everything – but the rewards are worth it. We also had space for a substantial veggie garden – this year will be my 4th summer. I’m so excited. My kids are starting to get into it too. My gardens have become my favourite part of spring and summer.

30. Favorite Authors – Some of my all time favourite reads have been:

a. Fiction

i. Jane Austen (All); Lucy Maude Montgomery (Anne Series); Louisa May Alcott (Little Women)

ii. Vince Flynn; Dan Brown; Higgins Clark; James Rollins; Robert Ludlum; Kathy Reichs – Mystery/ Thrillers

iii. Ken Follet – Fall of Giants; Pillars of the Earth

b. Finance/ Investing

i. Robert & Kim Kyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad/ Rich Woman

ii. Mark Victor Hansen – One Minute Millionaire

c. Missions/ Spiritual Growth

i. Sarah Ban Breathnach – Simple Abundance

ii. Don Richardson - Peace Child; Eternity in their Hearts

iii. Rick Joyner – The Final Quest

iv. Stormie Omartian – Prayer that Changes Things

v. Craig Groeschel – It

vi. Joseph Price – Destined to Reign

vii. CS Lewis – The Screwtape Letters; Mere Christianity; The Problem of Pain

d. Relationships

i. Marilyn Hickey; James Dobson; Tim Kimmel – Family

ii. Pat Williams – Coaching Your Kids to Be Leaders

iii. Kevin Leman – The Birth Order Book; Sheet Music

There are Many, MANY more. But these were some of the ones that came to mind first. I love reading. Whew, made it to 30 - I think I'm going to have to write "less" about each point to make it to 100 by 100 posts!

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