Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 3 in 30 - Roll Call

This week flew by. Husband was in Boston, we had a snow day, and then the youngest got sick so that basically kept us homebound a good chunk of this week.

My goals for February are:

1. Make lunches for EVERYONE the night before.
2. Organize the Office (again), especially the library.
3. Start to work on my writing again.

Plan of Attack
1. þ Make sure I've stocked the house with items that make it easier.
Perhaps even make a "plan" to get me started. Put it on the fridge so I see it.

This week, I did make lunches for the boys each night, and I only slipped in packing one for myself once.

2. þ Set a date for Office Overhaul (2 days). Feb. 10-11th
Create system for filing, get boxes for the "donate" and "trash" piles, etc.
Have a plan for making the room "pretty"
Do a Goodwill run at the end of the 2 days.
This task seems overwhelming today because I've had a bit of an overwhelming week, but as the day nears to starting, I'm conserving my courage to attack it.

3. Pull out my notebooks, etc.
Create a "master" journal/file to pull things together and just get to it.
Make a vision board, so I am more inspired each day to think on it and write.

This goal has not even registered on the radar yet. But the fact that it's here in black and white, well, that's enough to get the juices flowing...

I'm encouraged by the other members of 3 in 30, it's inspiring to read about all the different goals we have, yet strangely they feel like they are coming from similar desires for a fulfilling life, godliness and family/home building. It's cool to be a part of it.

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