Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Summer Checklist

So, the last official week of summer is here in Niagara. The season of fun is winding down with sunflowers, lush fruit and veggies to harvest, bright sunny but not so humid days, faster approaching crisp nights, starry skies, less bugs, crunchy foliage in the gardens, the rush to fit in those activities we MUST do because we promised, and also, there's usually a quite a bit left of the around the house "to do" list...

Here's ours:

Install Basketball net in driveway
Install flagpole
paint small table purple
paint shelf for kitchen and install
replace electrical socket in DS bathroom
Put away camping gear
Clean out the garage (again) and either garage sale or goodwill it
Assess garden cleanup needs
Put away summer toys and decor
Pull out Autumn decor bins
Finish September calendar for Home School
Finishing prepping rooms for international students
Decide on what to can for the preserve pass along party

September is just around the corner, and Labour day marks the end of another great niagara summer!

Hurray for the memories we've had and hurray for the fall fast approaching!

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