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Jennette and Lamar

Today's post is dedicated to my brother in law Lamar.

It's been the most challenging getting to know Lamar over the years for the simple reason that he lives around 1900 miles away - and always has.

You see, my dearest sister (as in the one closest in age to me and therefore shares the most childhood memories with me) met him way back in the early 2000's when they were both students at ORU.

She fell in love.

With an American.

Who lives in America.

Over 1900 miles away.

They got married and settled.

In America.

Over 1900 miles away. That's over 19 hours driving time.

I choose to forgive them.

Love hurts :)

Anyways, because of this distance thing, we've had limited one on one time.

I have visited Tulsa 3 times - once when they were dating. Once for their wedding, and once a few months after they had their first baby... They've visited Canada quite a bit more, but then there's a multitude of other people vying for there attention (plus the fact that many of those visits were for other weddings and family occasions...

So... time has been limited.

Despite this, I must extol the virtues of Lamar as it is his birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

It's a significant one, but I'm not going to say which one :)

Here's a few things you may not have known about Lamar...

He is a bit of a goof ball. Of course he is mister "cool" outside of the closest friends and family...and of course when we met him...before we realized this...we were worried, would it ever work with Jennette (who happens to be the goofiest in our family of girls)...

We had no reason to worry, he's goofy. He's fun and silly despite how serious and together he appears to everyone else. And we love him for it.

He is a good provider. He is diligent and does what it takes to provide for his family, sometimes taking on more than one job to make it work.

He is very tall. This is good mainly because my sister is very tall and we were worried when she was young that she might not end up with a suitably tall partner... the only draw back is that when I'm around them I feel very short...and I'm not short...just around them.

He is very giving... it would embarrass him to list the ways he's demonstrated this, but let's just say most everyone in the family knows this.

He is a great dad... though i am afeared that he may turn into one of those sports dads, because well Jennette is a sports mom, and their kids are freakishly talented so it may be unavoidable...but we'll forgive him for that should it happen because well...the kids are freakishly good, and CUTE. Good genes I guess.

I think he's also a good dad because he rarely raises his voice. I don't know how with three kids, but he doesn't and God bless him for it...maybe because they seem to laugh alot at their house.

He keeps his cool in stressful situations... I won't elaborate, you'll just have to take my word for it.

He is good with technology, he did this beautiful video presentation for my dad's memorial service, what a precious gift.

He is easy to talk to on the phone (when the kids aren't around).

He is a good dancer. At the sister weddings, he knew how to get people up on the dance floor.

One of the greatest things I can tell about him was how he helped take care of my mom after my dad passed away...I will always be so grateful for this. After the funeral, Lamar and Jennette and their kids essentially moved in with her for almost 2 months. Not cheap or easy to put their lives in Tulsa on hold, but they did.

They helped her deal with everything with the house and physically helped realize her dreams for home renos so she could eventually sell the place... the renos were so well done, it increased the sale value... I should mention, he's not a builder or craftsman that I know of, but he just figured out the best way to do it with Jen's help of course), and he was working remotely the entire time.

He loves Jesus.
It's obvious.
He loves the church, the family of God.
He is passionate to participate in following Jesus.

Another great thing about him. He loves my sister.
I could elaborate on how hard that could be...
Just kidding! she's awesome.
But he saw that...
And continues to see it...
It's one of those great loves that makes for a great family and a great life.

There are countless other things I could bring up, but my middle son Max says this post is already too long (as he wants to play on the computer - sorry)...

So for now I'll just say...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAMAR!!! and we love you

The Heaslips!!!

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