Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Thankfulness List 2008

baby gates
instant coffee with cream and a little sugar (in my Starbucks travel mug)
my sisters
my fristers – friends who are like sisters
time to cook
the sunset over my balcony
field trips – seeing wonder in my children’s eyes
homemade soup with fresh bread
the fact that almost every memory I have of my dad is a great one
my giant soup pot from my father in law
great tips/advice from other women that always turn out just as they said…
all things Greek
a job well done
my mom
when I don’t have to wait at the border
tea – herbal or otherwise
living with the four seasons
nephews and nieces
Lucas’ school and especially his teacher
Saturday mornings at home
Deep turquoise, magenta, yellow, acid green, red, purple – yeah vibrant colours, love em
productive days, lazy days, sunny days and rainy days
My grandma’s pumpkin pie
Reggae Music
My Simple Abundance book
Long comfortable pauses
Working in my garden and canning my own foods
Perfectly timed Hugs and Kisses
Finally I’m so thankful that Jesus found me, that He’s taken up residence in me and is pouring out his favour and blessing on every area; my essence, my soul, my family, my home, my life…

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