Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What the...? sigh

If I could slow down the pace of my life I think I'd have more energy to blog, but alas no matter how often I try to scale back my schedule, it's full again before the day is through. Today I'd say my colour mood is purple, a littittle morose, a little hopeful and on the edge of exhausted frustration. Mostly frustrated with things I cannot change (other people) and therefore it is useless to meditate on this fact for too long. Morose slightly because the other side of my exhaustion I become very vulnerable. I'm unsure of myself, and therefore toy with the idtea of walking away from it all and spending my days in the unadulterated bliss of singleminded homemaking/motherhood.

Of course, that tangent is short lived as Diana Krall's song from the early 90's... "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again" begins running through my mind, and I think, if I'm smart I will put on some music and start on the pile of "to do lists" for work, the business, home, etc. sitting on my counter. I will attack the lists - but maybe I should ponder the wonder of my life as mom and wife - sister and daughter - friend and woman... or I could just eat a cookie and turn on American Idol. Not sure which train of thought will win. All I know is that this random short rant has helped me not feel quite so frustrated and purple - now I'm a periwinkle blue, for sure (that's the content blue colour :))

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