Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Staging the Season

So here's a tour of what's been done so far.

note - this year i did not "plan" my decor; i followed my instincts collecting
this and that, puttering for about 2 weeks (and am still not done) - the common thing seems to be adding orange to my ever present earth tones.

This is what I've got so far for our Front Porch Display. We're still waiting on some fillers for the urns, some gourds or other things - I'll know when I see them. I made the door wreath from dollar store sticks stuck into a bare grapevine wreath frame I already had. We grew the corn (which stayed really dwarfed for some reason) as well as the pumpkins and squash. I found the hanger thingy at goodwill for .50 and the mum at Costco for $10 - i will plant it at the end of October.

Here's how my front foyer ended up looking

orange runner, hanging pumpkins (.50 at dollarstore last year), sparkly orange butterfly on red twigs; candle; leaf jar and sparkly grapes on tray were all around my house (yay)

i love this grouping of misc gold items I already had

Here's some accents in the family room...

bathroom... and kitchen.

Molasses cookies in the jar, and honey roasted cashews in the pumpkin dish.

I also, have a scentsy burner going whenever I'm home (Autumn Sunset); and a few candles here and there, as well as a fully stocked pantry to start baking from. Yes, I love to have it all around me.... little things here and there. I'm feeling good about this season this year, because of my new routine thanks to the boys' school schedule, I've been outside everyday enjoying the weather, and having quiet times and mommy & me times with them that I'm just loving every minute of... love love love it.


Samual said...

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blong said...

lookin pretty good...

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