Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Up

What occupied the past 6 weeks so as not to Blog? Well, for one thing, quite a few other creative (some of them writing) projects as in newsletters and such for both family and work.

Then there was this

The remodeling of the bedroom

and this

The painting of the front entrance - yes people, I know, the drywall patches for 3 years were so original :)

Then of course this

The beautifying of the house for Advent.

I love this time of year, we are just experiencing this morning the magic of the first real snow fall, and golly, I sure do wish we had gotten the lights up last week. But my urns (no photo yet) look great, and since we have a chalet style house, it definately looks purty!

Yep, it's been fun, and I'm feeling a lot more caught up though I probably shouldn't feel that way, it may give me a false sense of security...

However, I will be able to blog more this next little bit :)

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