Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I loved this year. It was peaceful, low-key, relaxing, Christ-centered and Merry. This Christmas we spent time on what matters most to us...

Putting the Focus on "GIVING" rather than receiving. Preparation for the Toy Give Away at our church...

Enjoying the "Sounds of the Season"...The kindergarten class played the First Noel on handbells for the school Christmas Chapel.

Spending time doing things together...We forwent the gingerbread house to make yummy dough cookies - not so yummy - but it was fun anyways. We also played Uno with Geema, Christmas Eve at my sisters, yaya's Greek Donuts, cards, games, the Nativity movie, played with our new gifts like the XBox Kinect and Zhu Zhu's. We snuggled together and loved on each other lots-especially on Boxing Day, celebrating Max's 5th Birthday with Geepa Jim and Nana Jo at home, and a shopping trip in the USA, and a buffet lunch, cupcakes, presents and a movie at home after...

Like spending time with loved ones who couldn't come celebrate at home with us... we went to see Great Aunt Fern on Christmas Eve Day at Albright Manor (after a lunch at McDonald's on the way)

and spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents who could...

matching PJ's (sigh)

Celebrating the Saviour First... we decided not to attend the Candlelight service because the boys have a hard time sitting still for even an hour and dear hubby and I for the past three years have left angry and frustrated with the boys, ourselves and each other. So we had our own beautiful little service at home with the Reading from Luke, the advent wreath and a hymn sing.

Making Christmas Magic...

Sitting down to a big family dinner... (or two)... One of my favourite things to do on Christmas Day is set the table for dinner... and I love having guests that appreciate it :) This year Dear Hubby suggested plastic plates (gasp - but I thought about it and realized, it made perfect sense - thank-you DH.

Making Merry... We had lots of laughter, watched favourite Christmas movies, ate lots of sweets, drank lots of coffee, snuggled lots and kissed under the many kissing balls.

Family Traditions that help us to remember the REASON for the Season... This year my boys got to participate in the "passing of the Christ Candle" when we take turns sharing and reflecting on the past year, God's goodness and our gratitude.

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