Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years ago...

It's a day for reflection for most of North America.

Much gratitude is in my heart today as I remember and give value to the lives of those who were lost in and because of 9/11.

Ten years ago I was at work in a Bible College.
I had just finished leading the students in worship and prayer.
I watched the horror and tragedy of the second tower on live feed in someone's office.

What would this mean for us in Canada, especially those like us who live on the NY border? Will there be war? Who would do this? Are we a target in Niagara?

We rallied the students to pray, we spent much time together and in prayer and in the few offices with TVs.
It was an uncertain time for many... and then gradually, life moved on.

Ten years ago I didn't have kids.
We'd just had our second miscarriage after years of trying to get pregnant.
I worked a lot, I spent most of my time with my students.
I loved my job. I loved my church. I loved my life.

A year later, my father in law moved in with us.
A year later, I was pregnant - this time it stuck.
A year later I had a son.
Then my sister got married and had a son.
Then I went back to work. I wish I hadn't.
Then I had another boy.
Then I went back to work. Too soon. I wish I hadn't.
Another sister got married. And the one with a boy, had a girl.
Another sister got married.
And then another.
Then my father in law passed away.
Then my dad was diagnosed.
And I had another boy.
Then I went back to work. I really wish I hadn't.
But I did and God is faithful.
Then my dad passed away.
And then a 2nd sister had a boy.
Then my mom moved to Niagara.
Then we bought a business and it didn't work out.
My hubby was blessed with a new position in his work.
Then more babies were born to the sisters and I was finished working.
And Here we are at today again. We are truly blessed.

Ten years ago, we didn't have a lot of the things we have today.
But we had people who we don't have today...
and yet today we have little people who were not here then.
and the Circle continues.

The Hope that we had then, is stronger today.
The Faith we had then, is stronger today.
The Love we had then, is stronger today.
Because of the trials, the work, the heartache and loss.
The joys.
Our lives have been seasoned. We have continued to live.
And we will continue in this...

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