Friday, October 7, 2011

Enjoying the Season Day Seven

Week One: Preparing Our Homes for the Season
Day 7
How to Enjoy the Cozy

I know it may seem silly to have to talk about how to enjoy the cozy, but the truth is, many people have a hard time doing it.

We spend endless hours making sure our homes look nice (sometimes too nice) and are comfortable to live in. We make sure there's enough food to eat (and sometimes even entertain) Sometimes our homes even look magazine perfect. What is the point though, if we aren't actually living in them? You know, using the furniture, reading the books, playing the games... laughing, learning, loving, growing...

What is it that causes us to keep so busy - physically, mentally & emotionally that we rarely take or have the time time to slow down? Often our bodies or brains keep going, even though we really need to just...

Sit down.
Have a cup of tea.
Read a passage of scripture or a poem, or both.
Pet the dog.
Share "Face Time" with one or all of the members of your family.
Play a game of cards, monopoly or scrabble.
Join the kids playing xbox or making a fort
Sit in your garden and just think.

These are activities that are rarely on "to do" lists. But perhaps they should be.

They are actions that require us to be fully present in the moment. When we actually do them, we'll find ourselves enjoying the nest we've created.

One way to help us do this would be to embrace the "cozy" (Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation) when we are relaxed we are better prepared to settle in... since we've spent some serious time, energy and in some cases dough into making things cozy - we're ready for the next step.



to experience with joy; take pleasure in.
to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of.
to find or experience pleasure for (oneself).
4. to have intercourse with.

Now before you say ---hey! whoa now, that's not one of those posts, is it?..well... no of course it's not, but... (smile) First let's look at the first 3 definitions. Why is it that we struggle doing this? Why do we think we don't deserve to do this? or feel guilty when we do? Let's let go of those things which bring us down.

Now, let's look at the definition for "intercourse"...

dealings or communication between individuals, groups,countries, etc.
interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc.
sexual relations or a sexual coupling

Just in looking at the first two points (and I'm just going to throw out, that if we kept 1&2 closer to mind when approaching the 3rd, it just may take things in the bedroom up a few notches - just saying) it's interesting to me that "intercourse - communication, interchange of thoughts and feelings and intimacy) is the 4th point of enjoyment. In a sense, it follows the first three. By fully enjoying our homes and daily lives, I believe that it can't help but result in more fulfilling and rewarding relationships in life.

Furthermore, I believe that sometimes we miss the beauty of the passing seasons around us because we don't allow ourselves to get "caught up" in anything that isn't categorically "important" or "productive". But perhaps we need to stop ourselves and remember that upon finishing His creation, God said - "It is good". If it was good enough for Him, it's good enough for me. How about you?


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