Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fully Enjoying the Seaon Day 20 a Basket Full of Fun

Week Three How to ENJOY Entertaining
Day 20 A Basket Full of Fun

Growing up we went through seasons where we played games, for instance I remember Yahtzee nights before my youngest three sisters came along. When the holidays rolled around I also remember that we often joined in to the card games and such. But there were large chunks of time when we really didn't play games together. I think we missed out as a family on a prime opportunity for building reIationships. Now that I've got my own family, I realized you have to fight for it. One thing that has helped is that my hubby comes from a huge "game playing" family. The other thing that has helped that that I've tried hosting games nights with our friends. This way our kids see that it's important and fun and worth making time for.

In our home, I'm in constant battle with the television. I continue to debate just having the cable disconnected, but we have extenuating factors that have prevented me from doing so just yet. In my efforts to cut down on the time used wasted watching the tube, I've tried to make other activities EASY to do.

One of them is having an easy to access to our family room closet which holds our games, card games and craft activities like this one.

If you don't have the closet space you could just have a basket that you keep out in the open (and easily stash in a cupboard when you need the space) like this one.

...Or if you've been blessed to receive vintage boxed board games like we have, you can leave them on a book shelf in the open like these.

I also think it's a great idea to leave a basket of books out in easy access to encourage reading over watching the tube.

You can even change them out by the season such as this Christmas Book Basket - but more on this later :)

If you want to be really adventurous leave out a basket of craft supplies and see what happens!

Any which way you try, if you make it easier for your family to do things together, its most likely they will try and you will all reap the benefits of enjoying each other this fall.


Abby said...

Love the idea of a basket for games! We like to play games, but keep them in a closet. And now I want to play games with my girls instead of, you know, homeschool them. Thanks. ;)

Your Christmas book basket looks almost exactly like my book basket. We keep it in the living room for library books. At Christmas, I have a collection that I place in there.

Tammara said...

Thanks Abbey! I should mention that these are pics I pulled off of google as I recently lost all of my pics on my computer (enter heart palpitations). We are trying to rescue them, but it's been troubling. Anyways, I do have a games basket and a book basket and use one just like that for Christmas, but still need to take pics of my own stuff. thanks for reading :)

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