Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fully Enjoying the Seaon Day 25

Week Four - Christmas Bliss
Day 25 Inspirational Reads to get into the Spirit

I keep all my Christmas Books in one area of our office/library and a few magazines I love. I pulled them out today, as I usually pull them out just before Halloween to get me in the swing of things before starting in on my Holiday Planner on Nov. 1st.

Since that is NEXT WEEK - good lord - this is all perfectly timed.

So here's a few of the books that serve as inspirational for me...

Tammara's Collection of Christmas Inspirational Books

They are in categories - I have a problem I know...

History of Traditions/ Memory Books
Children's/ Family Activity Books
Advent Books
Decoration Only
Organizational Ideas
Recipe/ Cook Books I've saved these for another post.

This is the newest addition to my collection. I found it at Book Depot in the discount bin at the Summer Box Sale. It was a dollar I think. Score. I love Robin McGraw and I love her style and authenticity even if it's not really like mine :) and I share her committment to God and Family.

I love Ideals, I have about 2 from each season/holiday that I've collected from discount stores and garage sales. I don't need more, these work from year to year. They are old, but I love them. Poetry and stories and such...

This collection would not be complete without a Mary Englebreit Book or two.

Or Susan Branch.

History/ Traditions and Memory Books

I started with this one when we got married.

Then we started this one a couple years ago when the other one filled up.

I really like this one that I came across on someones blog, but they didn't mention where they got it from...

Children's/ Family Activity Books

Usbourne Books - Awesome Resource! and some other great discount finds...

Advent Books

Organization Books

I posted about this first one here. The second two I just leave in the bathroom for a couple weeks and peruse the points to see if there's anything I'd like to adjust. I find that things change the older my kids get and my priorities in organizing change so it's good to refresh every now and then.

Decorating Idea Books
I talked about this magazine a few weeks ago.

and I fell in love with Mary Norden's ideas a few years ago in this book.

Anyways, I LOVE books, so I'm inspired by these. If you are overwhelmed, no worries. Do what works for you, just get inspired to create some Christmas Bliss this year!


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