Friday, January 6, 2012

Meal Plan - 2012 week 2

Cooking for the Heaslip Boys - Meal Planning

Trying something new to keep me posting more frequently. Got this idea from Erin's blog - she has a separate page for this. We'll see how far I get and if it requires one from me :) I particularly like reading her posts at her main site here because she's a mom of 2 boys and another on the way and I find we often thinks alike :)

Here we go...

Week of January 8-14

Sunday - Out for Dinner (gift card - yay!)

Monday - Sandwiches & Turkey Soup

Tuesday - Skillet Veggie Lasagne

Wednesday - Mama T's Meatloaf & Greek Roasted Potatoes

Thursday - (BBall Practise) - Veggie Wraps

Friday - Salsa Chicken w Rice

Saturday - Tacos and Salad

When I eventually get in the groove for this, I'll post recipes too :)

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