Saturday, January 8, 2011

100 Things About Me (you may or may not have wanted to know) Part 2

This is a continuation as I highly doubt my ability to come up with 100 things... anyways, my blogging goal is to have the 100 days finished by my 100th post...totally doable, right?
We'll see, anyways for Part One go here.

Now, go make thyself a coffee (and if you're allowing yourself, have a something sweet to munch on too) and get ready to hunker down for a good read.

Ready...says...go! (i will explain this some other time J)

11. Children

I have very mixed feelings about this subject. I realized after had my own kids, that I am not really a “baby” person. Oh don’t get me wrong, I loved my kids as babies, and though I do frequently consider having another one of my own, I realized that if I’m in the presence of a new mother, I’m not one of those types itching to hold the wee one. Strange to me, because when my boys were “wee”, I was reluctant to share them with anyone, including grandmas or even daddy… I loved my boys as babies, I love em as kids, and I’m soaking up as much as I can of all that is wonderful about children, their curiosity, their passion for life, energy, zeal, innocence…etc. the other thing that is weird, is that I’m actually a children’s pastor, so you think I would be a full out baby/slash kid person, but I'm not. I really just see them as little adult persons that will one day be friends. Maybe that’s why it works...

12. Singing

I love singing. I've always loved it. I don’t remember when I started. I do remember starting voice lessons when I was about 8 and riding my bike from school to her house in the middle of the school day. I loved my first teacher – she was glorious, beautiful in a old Hollywood way, and she had this voice…golly gee I can still hear it in my memory – awe inspiring…and that she believed in little old me…wow. I loved taking the classical stuff – it was so tricky…and loved especially the jazz favourites (these are probably still my favs – think Harry…sigh) I also loved their near relation – music theater and I still imagine myself in each and every one that I see/ hear to this day... I love Glee by the way. It takes me to my happy place, every week. Singing opened all the doors of opportunity in my early days … and then I moved to Niagara... to a gospel style church…sigh…it was fun... but it wasn't the greatest fit for my voice. But it was definitely fun and I was OK with not being the diva – I just loved to sing, still do. Now though, it’s mostly just along to the radio and lullaby's to my boys, but I’m still happy with that.

13. Cheer leading

I was a cheerleader in high school. In Canada in the early 90’s it was not a big deal like it has become today, or like it has always been in the States… but it was a big deal in my town. It was lots of teenage drama. I loved it the cheer leading, not the drama. I loved learning and doing the cheers, doing the routines, wearing the awesome uniform (I promise i will dig up pics eventually)– I had some awesome legs back then…sigh. Anyways, I have no shame in talking about this, I learned a heck of a lot being a cheerleader about leadership, perseverance and kicking. I cried over stupid things as a cheerleader. We had practises at 5 am (that made me cry), and after school (that too)… I was not the best cheerleader on the squad, but I was a very good base – I never dropped one girl, nor do I remember ever shaking when holding a lift… but my timing was sometimes a bit off, and I was self conscious for the first 2 years, I didn't know how to be flirty… I laugh to remember…but I loved it anyway, the pep rally's, the fundraising, the games – now they were fun! both basketball and football. Yep. Proud of it.

14. High School

I enjoyed high school. I was not popular in the pretty girl, or rich or liked to party type way – but I’m pretty sure everyone in my small school knew me, they way we all basically knew everyone else. I was that girl who was in almost every club photo in the yearbook, but not in the geeky way…well maybe I was... but was in denial. I had my own friends and was happy with that. They were mostly from youth group, and mostly went to other schools – so sometimes I was lonely at school, but, I never felt a need to be accepted/pursued by people who I was pretty sure I would not be close to after graduation. Maybe I short changed myself, but I’m OK with that. I really enjoyed all that there was to high school – the activities, the experiences. I also worked a lot at a lot of different jobs, and of course I had to drive my sisters around a lot…I was very very busy in high school, it prepared me for the rest of my life J

15. Bible College/Bridal College

Someone tried to “prophesy” to me before I left for Bible College – they said I would NOT meet my future husband there, so I could relax and focus on school….Ha! Sometimes I’m tempted to track that guy down and tell him at worst he’s a “false prophet” and a best he “seriously missed it”… I met my husband within the first week of school. I did not “know” then that I would marry him and was not looking for love, in fact I was kind of trying to avoid it and really focus on God. I kind of r the spokesperson for the "dating at Bible School is wrong" crowd. I managed pretty well for a few months, until it became impossible... I gladly swallowed my pride and we started hanging out near the end of our first year, and were engaged by the end of the 2nd year. I’m not sure if it was because so many other people were doing it or not (getting engaged) … but who cares? (of course I went loony and we then broke up and got back together over the course of another 18 months…but that’s another for another point) J point is, we met at Bridal ahem Bible College and I’m so glad.

Hubby and Sister in the early days...

16. Friends

My momma always told me that some of the friends I made after high-school would be the ones that would become lifers. I definitely am blessed in the friend category. I love me my friends, I've got a very big garden, and it’s loaded up with some of the loveliest friends around. I've got them crazy ones, them serious ones, the passionate, inspiring ones, the ones who make me laugh, the ones who make me cry, the ones who do both, the ones who kick my butt, the ones who are fluffy and silly and I love em that way, the ones who need me, and the ones who never need me, the ones I see all the time and the ones I barely ever see…ever – but we just pick up where we left off, the mommy friends, the sisters, the artists, the dancers.... The ones who challenge me and the ones who teach me…yes I’m blessed among women, and I wouldn't trade a single one of them. My garden is big, it is full, and there’s always room for more J

17. Mom

My mom is amazing. She’s so much more than words could ever say. She introduced me to Jesus. She gave me life, and then introduced me to real life. Then she taught me (and still teaches me) how to live both lives, my earthly life and the one leading to eternity, with authenticity and grace. Sometimes I picture my life as if I’m the pilgrim in Pilgrim’s progress, except in my version, I see her up ahead of me on that road. Every once in awhile she looks back at me and reminds me to “enjoy it” or “watch for that pit over there, it’s a bad one”, “keep dancing, singing, loving, trying…etc” and then she blows me a kiss and goes on about living hers as fully as she can by example… what’s not to love?

18. Canada

Back in the summer when I was 16 and in Greece, these gorgeous Greek soldiers asked me if I was from America? when I said no, Canada! Their beautiful faces lit up, and I was so happy to be a Canadian… I am still very proud to be a Canadian but for much different reasons. I love that we are known for being a peaceable people, for being funny and not afraid to be different. I love our vast land which I've been privileged to drive and fly across several times. We have this massive treasure that is so beautiful in every season. We have a distinct culture. My favourite part of Canada is the East Coast, oh Lord I would move there if I could take all that I love about Ontario with me too. I love Niagara, it is like this pocket of wonderful hidden somewhere in the middle. More on that later.

19. Not a Beach Person

We went to Cuba on our honeymoon, the first week of June. It was HOT. We are not beach people. We don’t like roasting like meat in an oven, we don't like sand everywhere or salt in our eyes, we don't like laying around doing nothing, we broke a horrible sweat on a 20 minute bike ride, and have a fear of seagulls...OK, that's not true… but we spent 5% of our honeymoon between the "warm as a bathtub" pool and the dining areas. We spent the first 2 blissful nights in Toronto where we saw the stage production of South Pacific (so about 10% of our honeymoon?) the remaining 85% was spent in our AIR CONDITIONED room. We could have just stayed in Toronto. That’s probably what we’ll do for our 25th…or maybe finally go to Europe. All I know for sure is that we are not Beach People.

20. Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day. The most obvious reason is that it is my birthday. I never minded sharing it with Happy Heart Day. I love all things pink and red. I love chocolate and romantic movies and just everything about it. I loved exchanging valentines in school and well, if you have to share your bday with a special day, that’s the best one. Silly husband learned his lesson while we were dating that there is no such thing as “combining” a Valentine and a Birthday present. Nosireebob! Respect the day, respect love. Happy wife, happy life, right?

21. Cooking

My dad was a chef. He was good. Well known in many parts. He was Greek, my mom was not. He was not known for cooking Greek food, mom was. Well, he did BBQ a mean souvlaki. (licking lips now). I love cooking. I don’t always like thinking about what to cook, I love to do it. I love chopping, sizzling, roasting, sniffing, tasting. It’s just mwa! I love making things up. I like cooking things I grew myself in our backyard. I love feeding people. I’m glad I have boys who like to eat. I like experimenting with herbs and spices, especially ones I grew. I especially love making soup. I think that’s my favourite thing to make. I like to imagine myself hosting a TV cooking show once in awhile. I live in my imaginary places a lot. Do you see a common theme? I really am truly content with my reality, I’m not sure why I live in fantasy so much (maybe that’s why I’m so happy? – neuroses, I know…)

I really wanted to make it to 25 tonight, but the kink in my neck is now a burning annoyance and I really need to squeeze in my last of 8 glasses of water too, so I’ll catch you in a few… t


Ashz said...

Wow I was thinking of doing something like this, BUT WOW it looks like a lot of work and dedication! But something really nice to read so I might just try! Good work! :)

Ana said...

wow Tammara, love it. This is why I miss you. I'll just have to read your blog from now on so I can get my "Tam" fix. You are one talented and interesting person! xoxo

Tammara said...

thanks Ashley - I'm looking forward to working with you this month :)

Ana!!! my friend. I miss you too. I must make seeing you a priority this year, an absolute must, i haven't even seen your house or newest family member - for shame on me! Well, at least we have blog land until then :)

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